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There are 2 specifications as 1 water outlet/inlet and dual water outlet/inlet, applicable to cool single or dual laser glass tube. S&A Teyu CW-6300 air cooled water chillers with cooling capacity 8500W and support Modbus-485 communication protocol, are applied to cool YAG laser or co2 metal RF tube or semiconductor laser. CW-5000T Series industrial water cooling portable chiller is a refrigeration based water chiller which is compatible in both 220V 50Hz and 220V 60Hz. It features ±0.3℃ temperature stability and 0.86-1.02KW cooling capacity.

The oil is heated or cooled to maintain the proper temperature range. Increasing the heat transfer coefficient U improves heat transfer. Using thicker wall tubing, while more robust, will hurt performance by lowering the U value. Changing to a material with poorer heat transfer properties in the condenser will also hurt performance.

Delta T Systems offers leading edge performance and a full range of energy-efficient portable chiller systems. Unique variable speed technology and high precision temperature control (within 0.5 °F ) make these portable chillers excellent performers in a wide variety of temperature control applications. Carryover is the presence of liquid refrigerant droplets in the cold, low-pressure vapor produced in the evaporator. The first type is by design and controlled with the intent of enhancing the lubrication process in the compressor.

In this webinar, presenters explore the major factors that impact the efficiency of air-cooled and water-cooled chillers and discuss several strategies to maximize the energy efficiency of chiller performance. Water cooled chiller efficiency can be easily improved by adopting a control reset strategy that responds dynamically to a system cooling demand. Ideally a chilled water system is only operating at design conditions when the building needs it but is also able to take advantage of lower cooling demand conditions to reduce energy consumption. Condenser water temperature in general should be made as cold as outside air conditions permit with a low limit as dictated by the chiller manufacturer. Aqua Logic® Delta Star® in-line, air cooled, water chillers are built with helical titanium evaporator coils for maximum cooling efficiency.

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Lower Operating costs – Our chillers are designed to minimize operation costs while providing high reliability and lower maintenance requirements. If noise levels of the chiller are acoustically unacceptable, noise control engineers will implement sound attenuators to reduce chiller noise levels. Larger chillers will typically require an array of sound attenuators sometimes known as a silencer bank. Demountable chillers are also an option for deployment in remote areas and where the conditions may be hot and dusty. Daikin Applied’s commitment to innovating beyond today has resulted in proven solutions for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.

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If your application requires very low heat transfer fluid temperatures (below -40°C) our CryoDax Low Temp Chillers would be a great solution. Second, get the operating conditions — fluids, pump capacities, system accessories, ambient temperatures, etc., and judge how they may affect performance. If price is the only major parameter in selecting a chiller barrel, “sealed” or non-serviceable chiller barrels are available in smaller sizes, up to about 25 tons capacity. Any evaporator temperature below freezing is in danger of freeze-up, which destroys the chiller barrel. If the liquid isn’t water, the BTU figure has to be adjusted for the heat values of the fluid to find the true BTU load.

If water loss is significant, a 3/4 water meter installed on the makeup water line can help quantify the rate of water loss. However, leaks less than one gpm may not register on the water meter. Many municipalities and industrial plants are providing reclaim or reuse water for non-potable uses, like makeup water to cooling tower systems and landscape irrigation. All piping associated with reclaim or reuse water is designated by a purple or lavender color.

We also offer Dedicated Heat Reclaim SCROLL chillers with 410A Freon and SCREW compressor chillers with 134a Freon both with high leaving water temperatures up to 145° F. Tandem Chillers Inc. designs and manufactures water cooled chillers that are easy to install, easy to repair and easy on your wallet. The water cooled modular chiller is compact in size allowing for easy installation in hard to reach places where space is severely limited. Ice building mode – The NWCR product will be factory configured so that an external contact closure will initiate the Ice Build Mode. When initiated, the units leaving fluid temperature set point will be reset to build ice. Once the set point is satisfied, the unit will go out of Ice Build mode and back into the normal cooling mode with associated cooling mode leaving fluid set point.

It has the effect of “cooling” the superheated refrigerant gas exiting the first stage. The pressure in either the evaporator or condenser will be the saturation pressure for the given temperature. Recall that the heat that needs to be removed from the condenser is equal to the heat collected in the evaporator plus the work of compression. Assuming the work of compression is 25% of the heat collected in the evaporator, then the heat rejected in the condenser will be 125% of the evaporator heat.