The three-dimensional garage is a common parking aid for solving the problem of urban parking. The three-dimensional garage has the mode of occupying the three-dimensional space without changing the original space structure, and greatly expands the number of parking spaces in the unit space. The three-dimensional garage will have a large price difference depending on the operation mode and related configuration. What factors affect the price of the stereo garage?

What is three-dimensional garage

1.Three-dimensional garage installation costs

The installation of the three-dimensional garage also has a certain cost, because the stereo garage is installed in conjunction with the hardness and depth of the installation site. A good-looking stereo garage manufacturer will include the cost of the installation, but for the support components that need to be used during the installation process, this is an additional charge for purchasing a stereo port crane supplier

2.Stereo garage control system

The three-dimensional garage is controlled by the control system, so the price of the stereo garage is also related to the purchase of the control system. This is because the stereo garage can be manually controlled by manual or with a computer for overall control, so different control systems are for the stereo garage. The price has a big impact. And the combination of the stereo garage and the control system also requires the support of engineers.

3.Three-dimensional garage equipment specifications

There are two main modes of the three-dimensional garage. One is to install an overhead garage with different layers on the original basis. The first floor is to dig more parking space deep into the ground. Which mode is selected mainly according to the local The actual situation is determined. At the same time, the more parking space developed in the unit parking area will make the overall cost rise.

At present, the popular three-dimensional garage is used in our residential areas as well as in public areas, especially for some places where the supporting facilities are relatively old. The three-dimensional garage is an emerging device for these old parking spaces. Provide more parking space. With the development of new stereo garage technology, the three-dimensional garage is developing in a more open and flexible direction.

What is three-dimensional garage

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