Light Crane is a kind of machine for circulation and intermittent movement, but the light crane adopts unique design concept, with small size, light weight, small wheel pressure, compact structure, light weight, safe and reliable, high degree of common parts, and strong interchangeability. , high lifting capacity, and easy maintenance. Light cranes are currently popular and lightweight lifting equipment.Light Crane manufacturer

The use characteristics of Light Crane

The light crane belongs to the type of lifting machinery, mainly refers to the improved products of CD1 and MD1 series wire rope electric hoist based on the original CD and MD type. Compared with the traditional crane, the light crane hook has a smaller limit distance to the wall surface, and the clearance height is the lowest, which is closer to the operation and plays an important role in increasing the effective working space of the existing plant. Below, we will take you to understand the light crane.

The hoist has two types, fixed and trolley. The fixed type fixed foot is divided into four types: A1, A2, A3 and A4 in the upper, lower, left and right positions. It can be directly installed on the frame. The trolley has the running function and can be installed on the track. The CD1 is a single-speed lift, and the MD1 is a two-speed lift at normal speed and slow speed.

The use characteristics of Light Crane

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