Both high-altitude vehicles and cranes are two types of machines that are widely used in the industrial field. Although there are many differences between the two types of equipment, there are still many people who will confuse high-altitude vehicles with cranes. The next article will introduce the difference between the high-altitude car and the crane, so that no one will mix the high-altitude car with the gantry crane supplier

The difference between aerial work vehicles and truck cranes:

In terms of appearance, both types of vehicles can lift the cargo. The aerial work vehicle is mainly used to lift the cargo with a mass of less than 1 ton, small volume and convenient movement through the 1 ton hook in front of the working arm, but due to the folding arm working at height The working arm of the car cannot be stretched, so the working radius is not as flexible as that of the car. The truck-mounted crane is mainly used to lift heavy and bulky cargo by the boom.

The difference between aerial work vehicles and truck cranes

In terms of vehicle structure, an aerial work vehicle is a vehicle that transports workers and uses equipment to the site and performs aerial work. There are chassis and outriggers, which can open the legs to maintain the balance of the body during work; there are booms, can be overhanging, spanning certain obstacles or lifting in one place for multi-point operation, belonging to special vehicles.

The truck-mounted crane (car-loading truck) is a kind of crane installed on the chassis of a general or special automobile. The driving cab is separately set from the lifting and control room, and the legs are required to work, which belongs to the construction machinery.

In terms of vehicle operating environment and function, the truck crane mainly uses the hydraulic lifting and telescopic system to realize the equipment for lifting, turning and lifting the cargo, which is mostly used in stations, warehouses, docks, construction sites, field rescue and other places. The aerial work vehicle is mainly used for maintenance of street lamps, trimming branches, wall cleaning, bridge maintenance, etc. The working bucket in front of the working arm is mainly for transporting personnel and a small amount of vehicle-mounted tools to work in the air.

In terms of safety performance, the safety and security capabilities of aerial work vehicles are extraordinary. The aerial work vehicle is provided with an operating device in the working bucket and the rotary seat to remotely control the start/stop of the engine, high speed/low speed, and the electrohydraulic proportional valve is used to control the movement of the arm, and the working arm can continuously rotate left and right. The linkage mechanism automatically maintains the level of the working slot. When the main pump fails, the emergency pump can be operated to lower the working slot, and has the functions of night illumination and safety alarm. The modified truck-mounted crane does not have any safety protection function. In the event of a malfunction, the workers in the bucket will not be able to save themselves.Gantry crane single girder price

Working ability, aerial work vehicles, different working vehicles for different working environments, such as folding arm type aerial work vehicles, greatly improving the flexibility of aerial work vehicles through the folding arm and the rotation ability of the hanging basket. It can also be freely stretched in a small space, plus the operation function in the basket to ensure work efficiency. The modified cranes obviously do not have such capabilities.

In the design direction, the aerial work vehicle is a tool for sending people to high-altitude construction, which determines that every design on the vehicle needs to ensure the smooth and safe safety of the personnel in the basket, so whether it is hydraulic or electrical system, The first solution is the stability and stability of the device when it is in motion. Because every shaking will bring psychological and physical discomfort to the workers. The lifting machinery is naturally designed with lifting capacity in mind. A certain amount of swaying and elastic bending that occurs when the boom is loaded are usually not enough.

The difference between aerial work vehicles and truck cranes

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