In recent years, with the rapid development of the construction industry in China, people have higher and higher requirements for the combination of simple and convenient cranes, not only to achieve basic lifting and handling functions, but also to meet certain strict working conditions. Under the free movement, intelligent adjustment of high and low functions, the emergence of modular cranes undoubtedly meet the consumer’s long-cherished, then what are the common faults and solutions in the use of cost-effective modular cranes?

What are the common faults of modular cranes?

1.Severe noise

In the course of use, the combined crane will also start the noise due to the unobstructed air pipe and oil passage.L Type Single Girder Gantry Crane The specific reason for this situation is that there is air or oil temperature shortage in the pipeline. At this time, it is only necessary to move the pipeline back and forth several times to remove the gas in the pipeline; or to rotate the oil pump at a low speed to warm the oil or Change the oil.

Common faults of modular cranes

2.Power take-off control failure

Due to insufficient air pressure or airway blockage, the force control of the combined crane is often unsuccessful, resulting in failure of the combined crane to pick up the cargo. The solution at this time should be to carry out a comprehensive test of the gas pressure parameters of the gas pipeline. If the gas passage is found to be abnormal, timely treatment is carried out to ensure the pressure index reaches the standard and the work of the power take-off switch.

3.Oil pressure does not rise

During the operation of the combined crane, it is often the case that the oil pressure will not rise up on New Year’s Eve. The corresponding solution is to refuel the crane or check the suction pipe to ensure that the pressure line and the return line are collused or the components are not leaking. Pay special attention to check the oil circuit meter, paying particular attention to the valves, the center rotary joint and the motor.

The above is a small series of common faults and related solutions that are commonly used in the use of modular cranes. I believe that after reading the above, all the problems with the use of the combined cranes can be solved. The correct solution is taken, and it is also known that the service life of the combined cranes that are to be diversified can be extended on the basis of the original, and the combined cranes are regularly maintained and maintained on a regular basis.

Common faults of modular cranes

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