The gantry crane is an upgraded variant of the bridge crane. The gantry crane is mainly suitable for outdoor cargo yards or open storage warehouses, material storage yards, loading and unloading of bulk cargo, railway freight terminals, port terminals, etc. The frame is mounted under the load-bearing main beam and can be directly walked on the ground of the track. The two ends of the main beam can have elongated cantilever beams.Best gantry crane manufacturer

The gantry crane has the advantages of high site utilization, wide operating range, wide adaptability and strong versatility. Widely used in port yards.

Best gantry crane manufacturer

A variety of special hooks can also be used for a variety of special operations. The crane consists of a bridge, a trolley operating mechanism, a trolley and electrical appliances. The gantry crane adopts a box-type double-beam welding structure, and the driving mechanism is driven separately, and both are operated in the control room. The electrical form of the crane is divided into two types: cable and sliding.

Classification of gantry cranes:

First, press the door frame structure.

1.double cantilever gantry crane: It is a common structural form, its force structure is reasonable, and the field use area is large.

2.Semi-gantry crane: The height of the legs is high or low, which can be determined according to the civil requirements of the site.

3.Full gantry crane: the main beam has no overhang and the car is in the main span.

4.Single cantilever gantry crane: This structure is usually chosen due to site restrictions.

Second, the main beam structure. beam

The steel plate welded box structure has the characteristics of high safety and high rigidity. Generally used in large tonnage and super tonnage gantry cranes. Box girder also has the disadvantages of high cost, self-importance and poor wind resistance.

2.truss beam

The welded steel or I-steel structure has the advantages of low cost, light weight and good wind resistance. However, due to the large number of truss welded joints and their own defects, the truss beams also have the disadvantages of large deflection, low rigidity and low reliability. Suitable for places with low safety requirements and low lifting capacity.

Classification of gantry cranes

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